Tour de Bourbon Day 5: Booker’s 7 Yr Old

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Day 5 bring us Booker’s 7 Year Old True Barrel Bourbon, a “Bourbon Whiskey” that’s 63.7% (!) alcohol. 2015-12-05 16.19.31

It’s the darkest of the bourbons thus far, which surprises me given the high alcohol content. I find the aroma to be pretty much overwhelmed by the alcohol, so I’m not really getting much of anything there.

In the mouth, it’s surprisingly smooth, and pretty much evaporates. There’s a bit of a charcoal quality, maybe? A hint of burnt wood in the taste that wasn’t there in the nose. It’s strong as hell, too, and it burns.

Christina says it’s “very drinkable once you get past the lighter fluid quality” and I have to agree. It’s too strong to drink straight, but would make a dynamite mixer.

I can’t find specific info on this bourbon on the Booker’s site. I can’t tell which of the batches this is from, so I can’t tell for sure what the tasting notes are. According to, it “delivers a range of intense flavors from oak tannin and smoky vanilla to lighter tones of mocha and cofee.”  I guess the smokiness came through for me.

Two stars.

Updated rankings:

  1. Bulleit
  2. Evan Williams
  3. FEW
  4. Booker’s 7 Year
  5. Michter’s


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