Tour de Bourbon Day 4: Evan Williams Extra Aged

Day 4 gives us Evan Williams Extra Aged, a “straight bourbon whiskey” that’s 43% alcohol. From the US, again. No surprise there. 2015-12-04 18.10.22

I didn’t remember to take a photo until after I’d poured the whiskey, so the glass is in there to show the color.

Strong alcohol quality to the nose, almost medicinal. Somewhere between herbs and iodine, not unpleasant but not what I really like. I tend to like sweeter notes – that’s why I drink bourbon instead of scotch – so this isn’t doing as much for me.

The flavor makes up for that, though. Very smooth, no corn at all, at least in terms of flavor. I’m sure there’s plenty of corn in the mash bill. It’s very drinkable, seeming to pretty much evaporate off the tongue. Not a lot of burn, just a pleasant warmth that stays with you.

The Evan Williams site doesn’t have the Extra Aged listed, for some reason, so the link above is to the Master of Malt site, which says it has “Rich feinty flavours like leather, vanilla and toffee.” I can see that – the medicinal quality I was noticing could be interpreted as leather.

I note that the first review of the Extra Aged calls it “a good mixer or a good enough sipper. Prefer to jack definetely.” I agree – it’s definitely better than Jack. Then again, so are some varieties of unleaded gasoline.

Three stars.

Ratings so far:

  1. Bulleit
  2. Evan Williams
  3. FEW
  4. Michter’s


2 thoughts on “Tour de Bourbon Day 4: Evan Williams Extra Aged

  1. Kevin Matheny Post author

    FEW was Christina’s favorite so far (through Day 10) – she even preferred it to the Blanton’s. As you can tell from the ratings, I did not.


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