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I’ve recently discovered Dream Quest and am enjoying the heck out of it. If I may quote myself:
If you have an iPad, and you have not played Dream Quest, you’re missing out. It’s the best game with the worst art.
I posted this on Facebook, and said it was on my (very) short list of tablet game recommendations. Which prompted my sister Deborah to ask for the rest of the list. Dealing with Facebook’s formatting makes me stabby, so I’m posting it here.

King of Dragon Pass is an amazing game, a hybrid strategy/rpg game unlike anything else. Control a clan of fantasy viking-ish people as they settle a strange and magical land and re-enact their myths to gain power.

Ascension is a deckbuilding game that’s a nearly perfect example of the genre.

FTL is possibly a roguelike, definitely a great game. Control a spaceship fleeing the Rebels as you attempt to save the Empire!

Rebuild is a game about rebuilding after the zombie apocalypse.

Plants vs. Zombies is a classic Tower Defense game. Beware, the sequel is a shameless cash grab with in-app purchases.

Elder Sign: Omens (iPad: , Android) is a dice-rolling adventure game that’s about saving the world from Horrors from Beyond. Great fun all around.

All of these games are worth your hard-earned money.

3 thoughts on “Tablet games recommendations

  1. Deborah A

    Platns vs. Zombies is indeed a delightful game and hard to stop playing (“addictive” is overused and not a really positive adjective, IMHO). I’ve tried the sequel and just can’t get beyond certain points. I think it’s designed to get you to buy the boosters, because it seems impossible to pass certain levels without them. It just doesn’t hold my attention or give me a sufficient sense of achievement like the original. I haven’t tried the others, but I might in the future, if I can find a free version. What do you mean by roguelike?

  2. TalleySueNY

    I love, love, PvZ. Even the new game; I haven’t found it impossible to pass levels without the boosters. Though the new one is a cash-grab. (Then again, we buy the expansion packs for Smash-up quite happily, so…I’m going to use my $10 iTunes gift card to buy a couple of plants, I think.)

    I liked playing Carcassone on iOS; it helped me learn the strategy.


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