Quick reference for 5e D&D racial stat bonuses

I’m really liking 5th Edition so far, although I’m just at the “reading the Players’ Handbook” stage. I was surprised by the lack of a quick reference chart for racial stat bonuses in the book, and on the Web. So I made one.

In case anyone else finds it handy, here’s a link to the Google Doc.

Looking it over, I’m struck by a few interesting things:

  • There are 5 choices with +2 to Dex, but they’re really just 2 races (Elf and Halfling)
  • Three races (Mountain Dwarf, Dragonborn and Half-Orc) have +2 to Strength
  • Only Dwarves have +2 Con
  • Only Gnomes have +2 Int
  • Nobody has +2 to Wisdom. That kind of hoses Clerics a bit, but I think it may be a deliberate choice to make them playable for any race.

[Update 4/12/17: If you want access to the Google Doc to edit it, please post a comment here and let me know what you want to change.]

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41 thoughts on “Quick reference for 5e D&D racial stat bonuses

  1. Steve

    Love the GoogleDoc, saved me from having to do the same; also I searched/found/used it when it was the data I needed and my PHB was busy in someone else’s lap… >:-( shameless hussy!

    One suggestion: Maybe also add the races from the DMG? Eladrin elves get +1 Int (alongside the basic Elven +2 Dex); Aasimar get +2 Cha, +1 Wis…

    1. Kevin Matheny Post author

      Thanks for the kind words. And good idea on the updates – I’ll put those in. I should also add in the optional races (Genasi, Goliaths, etc) that have been published in official material.

  2. Kevin Matheny Post author

    Updated to add in the DMG and Elemental Evil Player’s Companion races. The Eberron stuff feels incomplete, and I don’t have the Sword Coast guide. so I haven’t added those yet. I also found a very nice PDF that includes all of this and more: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzptumctKD_HUmJ3NnFHTFNJQ0k/view. I like my layout a bit better, but his (hers?) has more data, and more races.

    (Link found in this Reddit forum post: https://www.reddit.com/r/dndnext/comments/32hku0/dd_5e_race_chart/)

  3. John

    This is perfect for what I needed for character creation. Let’s be honest Wizards of the cost should publish something like this on their site. Thanks for the hard work.

  4. Donny

    Perfect! I’ve just recently decided to get back into paper and pen RPGs and I’ve got the players handbook on order but I wanted to go ahead and throw together a couple characters. This is exactly what I needed. Thanks!

  5. David

    Hey man! Thanks for this! I’m just getting into D&D and was comparing the Dwarven Cleric I’m making to the ones people make online and I feel like I’ve missed out on a few things. I don’t understand where they get their additional stat bonuses (or disadvantages considering some have -1). I feel like I might be missing something right in front of my eyes. Could you help enlighten me?

    1. Kevin Matheny Post author

      If you share some links to the characters, I might be able to help you. Or might not; it depends.

  6. Parr

    Where did you get the Tosculi from? I like the idea of freedom of choice but can’t find much on what racials could go with it.

    1. Kevin Matheny Post author

      Thanks for the info. I’ll update the sheet when I get a chance – busy week…

      1. Shadow Links

        Total opposite here. On vacation! Thanks for your work though.

        While I’m at it, here’s the stats for Kobold Press’s Midgard Heroes.

        Alseid DEX+2 WIS+1
        Centaur, Midguard STR+2 WIS+1
        Dragonkin CHA+2 (Flame STR+1 / Wind INT+1 / Stone CON+1 / Wave WIS+1 / Edjet DEX+1
        Elves and the Elfmarked (Windrunner=Wood Elf, River=High Elf, Elfmarked=Half-elf)
        Gearforged (2 abilities +1)
        Ghoul, Darakhul CON+2 (depends on heritage, Dragonkin STR+1, Dwarf WIS+1, Elf DEX+1, Gnome INT+1, Halfling CHA+1, Human/Elfmarked any+1, Kobold INT+1, Ravenfolk DEX+1, Tiefling CHA+1, Trollkin STR+1)
        Kobold, Midgard DEX+2 INT+1
        Minotaur STR+2 CON+1
        Ravenfolk DEX+2 CHA+1
        Shadow Fey DEX+2 CHA+1
        Trollkin CON+2 (Night Whisper WIS+1, Stonehide STR+1)

          1. Kevin Matheny Post author

            Hi Shadow,

            Thank you but I don’t think that’s free content. I’ll get the source and go from there.

  7. Wishwords

    This is excellent. So helpful. The only thing I can think of that would make this quick reference a quicker reference is if the AL legal races perhaps had their names in bold or something? Certainly not a necessary thing, but could be helpful to some.

    1. Kevin Matheny Post author

      I don’t play Adventurer’s League, so that didn’t occur to me. I did break out the non-WotC races, but I don’t have a source for which races are AL-legal.

  8. ShadowSpectre

    Hi Kevin,

    This is really great work and I’m glad that I’ve found this reference! Do you think that in the future you will add special abilities that come with the subraces, in the future? Such as luck, for halflings, and such?

    Also it seems like you’ve missed most of the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide subraces such as Aquatic Half-Elf, Drow Half Elf, High Half-Elf, Wood Half-Elf, Variant Tiefling, and especially the Ghostwise Halfling. I think it would matter to list them all individually, since they each come with their own natural skill.

    Also, do you think that you might make a handy list like this for all available classes?

    Thanks for the great work!

    1. Kevin Matheny Post author

      I didn’t add in racial abilities because I’m trying to not replace the source; I just wanted a quick reference for the stat bonuses. Racial choices are about a lot more than just the stats, of course, but I like starting from there and then reading the full racial description to validate my choices. As a result, I’m only showing the racial variants that have different stat bonuses, not the racial skills.
      If you want to copy this sheet and add your own data, feel free.

  9. Jonathan Kinnear

    This document has been so helpful. Would it be possible for the Gith, Eladrin subrace, and new tiefling variants from Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes to be added to the list as well?

    1. Kevin Matheny Post author

      I’m restricting myself to primary sources and official WotC stuff for the most part. Trying to include all of the many races available would make this unwieldy, and it’s already 3 pages long.

  10. Adam Hardstaff

    Warforged have now been released as a playable race and I didn’t see it on the list.

    +1 CON, plus +1 to two OR +2 STR OR +2 DEX

    1. Kevin Matheny Post author

      I added them a while ago, then finally realized I should look in my approval queue for the blog.

  11. Jake S

    Would appreciate seeing the races from Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica added to this~ (There’s also a lizard race they did only in Unearthed Arcana previously) – but it does add a second, Wizards of the Coast Centaur then.

  12. Jake S

    Also, Tortle, from the Tortle Package (counts as part of Xanathar’s) and Grung (from We are Grung) are both WotC product races that should be included, please.

    1. Kevin Matheny Post author

      The Tortle Package seems to be specific to DND Beyond, and the Grung isn’t part of published material (aside from digital download) that I can see. I’m trying to draw a line somewhere, and these are on the other side of it for me. Feel free to make a copy of the sheet and extend it if you disagree.

  13. lawrl

    Really liking the list, this is exactly what i was looking for.

    Maybe add that Intelligent is the key stat for the UA Mystic and Artificer classes, as well as being the casting stat for them, the Eldritch Knight, and the Arcane Trickster? Int is important to the game i swear.

    1. Kevin Matheny Post author

      Thanks for the suggestion. I don’t have that one, and unless there’s a (legit) free version available, I don’t have the data.

    1. Kevin Matheny Post author

      From https://www.dndbeyond.com/races/halfling#Subrace:

      Lightfoot Halfling
      As a lightfoot halfling, you can easily hide from notice, even using other people as cover. You’re inclined to be affable and get along well with others. In the Forgotten Realms, lightfoot halflings have spread the farthest and thus are the most common variety.

      Lightfoots are more prone to wanderlust than other halflings, and often dwell alongside other races or take up a nomadic life. In the world of Greyhawk, these halflings are called hairfeet or tallfellows.

      Ability Score Increase
      Your Charisma score increases by 1.

      Naturally Stealthy
      You can attempt to hide even when you are obscured only by a creature that is at least one size larger than you.

  14. Tabby

    The Tortle race is the main thing missing from this one. One of my players who plays a Tortle noticed this. Otherwise, good stuff :D


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