Social Interaction Pattern Template

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This is a template for writing social interaction patterns.

Pattern Name

Briefly describe the pattern, how it’s used and what the benefits are. This should be skimmable.


What circumstances create the need for this pattern? This section sets up the next one (Problem) which articulates the specific issues that the pattern is designed to remediate.


Describe the specific problem or problems that the pattern is intended to fix. Provide as much detail as needed to define them clearly. Consider using bullets if there are several aspects to the problem, or several variants of a core problem.


Describe the solution, providing details of the implementation. Consider using bullets and sub-bullets to break out information. While sentences are generally superior for communication, a list may help create structure and provide a checklist.


Describe the benefits provided by the pattern.

When to use this pattern

Clearly state the circumstances where the pattern applies. If there are counter-indications, outline them here. 

Related patterns

Link to related patterns here.



This is where you can put anything else that doesn’t have a home in the rest of the template.


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