Tour de Bourbon Day 18: Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage 2004

Day 18 is the longest name yet: Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage 2004, a “Straight Bourbon Whiskey” that’s 43.3% alcohol. 2015-12-19 Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage 2004

Review: Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage Bourbon 2004

This one announces its presence as soon as it’s in the glass, with Christina noting that she could smell it from about 5 feet away as she came into the kitchen. “It smells warm” she said. I’m getting a lot of alcohol — more than I expected given the alcohol content — and not much else. There are some woody notes, maybe? We agree that the taste is kind of lost under the booziness, with Christina lamenting that if it tasted like it smelled, it would be an awesome bourbon. “I taste scotch,” she says. “Peat. It’s the scotchiest bourbon I’ve ever tasted.”

I kind of agree – it has a smoky sharpness to the flavor, rather than the smooth sweetness of the bourbons I like. The folks at are quite high on this bourbon, but I’m not.

Two stars.

The updated rankings:

  1. Blanton’s Gold Edition
  2. Smooth Ambler Old Scout 7
  3. Noah’s Mill
  4. Bulleit
  5. Elijah Craig
  6. Evan Williams
  7. Four Roses Single Barrel
  8. FEW
  9. Booker’s 7 Year
  10. Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage 2004
  11. Jefferson’s
  12. Four Roses
  13. Michter’s
  14. Eagle Rare
  15. 1792 Ridgemont Reserve
  16. Roughstock Montana
  17. Old Forester
  18. Smooth Ambler Contradiction

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