Tour de Bourbon Day 16: Eagle Rare

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On the 16th day of Bourbonmas, my true love gave to me, by a somewhat circuitous route, Eagle Rare 10 Year Old, a “Bourbon Whiskey” that’s 45% alcohol. 2015-12-16 Eagle Rare

Initial nose is vanilla, with some sharpness. It’s smooth in the mouth, and quite drinkable. Unfortunately, it has a bit of a bitter finish — I found myself grimacing after a sip, which isn’t what I want to be doing when I’m drinking bourbon.

This one elicited no comments from Christina at all. She asked for a second taste, because she hadn’t recalled what it tasted like after the first, and then didn’t have anything to say. Which reminds me that the opposite of love is not hate, but indifference.

The web site says it’s a “lofty, distinctive taste experience” but I must have missed that somehow. It’s a bourbon, not a particularly interesting one.

Two stars.

The updated rankings:

  1. Blanton’s Gold Edition
  2. Smooth Ambler Old Scout 7
  3. Noah’s Mill
  4. Bulleit
  5. Elijah Craig
  6. Evan Williams
  7. FEW
  8. Booker’s 7 Year
  9. Jefferson’s
  10. Four Roses
  11. Michter’s
  12. Eagle Rare
  13. 1792 Ridgement Reserve
  14. Roughstock Montana
  15. Old Forester
  16. Smooth Ambler Contradiction

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