Tour de Bourbon Day 14: Noah’s Mill

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The 14th offering from the fine folks at Master of Malt is Noah’s Mill, a “Bourbon Whiskey” that’s 57.2% alcohol. Mmmm, boozy. 2015-12-14 Noah's Mill

This one’s a winner. The nose is warm, with honey and long summer grass notes. In the mouth, it’s smooth and strong, with vanilla coming though, and a long finish with a bit of smoke. There are notes of maple, maybe? Definitely a pleasant woody quality.

I’m entertained by the fact that the same outfit that produces this one also makes Old Bardstown, which we picked up because a) it was cheap and b) it reminded Christina of her upbringing in the South.

The web site says it’s “surprisingly elegant at 114.3 proof” and I have to agree.

The updated rankings:

  1. Blanton’s Gold Edition
  2. Smooth Ambler Old Scout 7
  3. Noah’s Mill
  4. Bulleit
  5. Elijah Craig
  6. Evan Williams
  7. FEW
  8. Booker’s 7 Year
  9. Jefferson’s
  10. Four Roses
  11. Michter’s
  12. Roughstock Montana
  13. Old Forester
  14. Smooth Ambler Contradiction

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