Tour de Bourbon Day 7: Roughstock Montana

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Day 7 gives us Roughstock Montana, a “Bourbon Whiskey” that’s 45% alcohol. 2015-12-07 Roughstock Montana

I don’t get much nose from this one, it’s not as boozy as most of the previous offerings. In the mouth, it’s a different story, as there is a pronounced corn taste, and a somewhat bitter aftertaste that lingers.

It feels… young. Unfinished. Like it needed another couple of years of aging, or something. Feels like it would be a mixer rather than something I’d drink straight. In the interests of science, I tried a bit of water, and that helped immensely – the corniness dimished, as well as the bitter aftertaste. Still not awesome, but much improved.

One star, two with water.

The updated rankings:

  1. Bulleit
  2. Evan Williams
  3. FEW
  4. Booker’s 7 Year
  5. Michter’s
  6. Roughstock Montana
  7. Smooth Ambler Contradiction






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