Sprint Planning

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Sprint Planning is a regular meeting where the team comes together to select and commit to a set of work for the next Sprint. It should occur at the transition point between Sprints, so we have the most information possible about the previous Sprint.


Before the team can plan a Sprint, they need a healthy Backlog. Making sure that the backlog is ready is the responsibility of the Product Owner, who coordinates the Backlog Grooming meeting to make this happen.

Who participates?

The full Squad – Engineers, BA, QA, Product Owner, Delivery Manager. This is the full team making a commitment to get work done as a team, so everyone should be present. Team members on vacation get a pass, but everyone should clear calendars to make this meeting a priority.

What happens?

The team reviews its Velocity – the amount of work it’s completed, on average, in recent Sprints – and uses that to determine how much work it can comfortably commit to take on.

Working from the top of the Backlog, the team moves stories into the Sprint until it reaches the Velocity limit.

The team discusses the Sprint and makes sure they’re all comfortable that this Sprint delivers value and is definitely going to get done.

The Product Owner confirms that the stories selected for inclusion are the right ones, and potentially moves some stories out to bring others in – staying within the Velocity limit.


Resist the temptation to overcommit. If something really needs to get done in this Sprint, put it in there but take something else out to make room.

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