Acceptance Criteria

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Acceptance Criteria are a key part of stories – they provide the guidance to let the team know when a given feature is complete according to the needs of the customer. Often, teams will use Acceptance Criteria to guide the creation of test cases, including both automated and manual tests.

Acceptance Criteria are clear statements that encompass both functional (“when a user clicks the BUY button the item should be added to the user’s cart”) and non-functional (“the BUY button should be green”) requirements.

Examples of good acceptance criteria:

  • A user with the Administrator role can create a new user account
  • A user who does not have the Administrator role cannot create a new user account
  • Creating a new user account requires username and employee ID
  • Passwords must be 8 to 20 characters long

Acceptance Criteria can also be defined as scenarios in given/when/then format:

  • Given I am a registered user who has selected “remember me” when logging in
  • When I return to the site
  • Then I should be logged in automatically without requiring a password

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