Fall Ball, Game 2: Momentum Gray at Iron Express – Extra Outs, take 2

I think I may have previously mentioned that giving a team extra outs is a bad thing.

We did that in our second game, and it turned out poorly. We faced the Momentum Gray (an odd name in a league full of them), who I will call the Grays for the remainder of this post.

We had four hours off between games, and I think it cost us. The guys weren’t focused, and it showed. We were hoping that the Grays, who had just been playing for 2 hours, would be tired, but they weren’t – they were in the zone and ready to play. We were not.

I didn’t get a shot of the scorebook, but the final was 12-0 in 5 innings. We made errors all over the place and got just two runners as far as 3rd base. The Grays were using wooden bats, so their fly balls were dropping in front of our outfielders, and moving the outfielders in just meant that the balls that were not hit right to them skipped past for extra bases.

The bright spot of the game was that we got a chance to pitch Kieran, who throws really hard but had not pitched before. He did very well, and we’ll definitely use him again.

Final score: 12-0, Iron Express lose.

Season record: 1-1.


One thought on “Fall Ball, Game 2: Momentum Gray at Iron Express – Extra Outs, take 2

  1. John Slade

    Yah. That’s more fun to score when you win a lot. Good, in a way, because these kids are all used to being on the winning side. So this is the lesson in humility? or in defeat? or something?



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