A Nell story

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My daughter Nell is a geek. This makes me happy. She’s also smarter than I am, which I find both awesome and frightening.

Tonight, since I got her new computer set up over the weekend, she asks if we can play Diablo 3 together. I say yes, “if Blizzard has fixed their logon issues.”

“Of course they have logon issues,” snorts Nell, age 12. “They were down for maintenance for 8 hours! And all the nerds in the world sat there with nothing better to do than refresh the logon screen for 8 hours.”

She is, of course, correct, if a bit judgmental. Blizzard has clearly underestimated the effect of pent-up demand on their login infrastructure, and it’s failing under the load of several million people trying to re-establish sessions.

I nod, agreeing with her, and then head to my computer.

Where I sit down and begin re-trying to log in to Diablo 3 several times, until I catch myself and realize that I am all the nerds in the world.


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