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I installed git on my laptop today. It was rather fun; I got to spend a bit of time using Terminal to interact with my Mac. I don’t get to do that enough.

There is something really nice about not using the mouse for anything except indicating which window I want to interact with.

I’m reminded of Neal Stephenson’s In The Beginning Was The Command Line, which is an excellent book that you should read if you have not. I can say that in confidence, because if you are willing to put up with reading my blog you’re at least a little bit interested in technology, and Stephenson is a terrific writer.

2 thoughts on “Command line fun

  1. Talley Sue

    Have you read “The Bug” by Ellen Ullman?

    From one of the reviews . . .
    “. . .an illuminating novel about the fate of a programmer, Ethan Levin, who wrestles with an ineradicable bug in the heroic era of computing. . . . The story is narrated by Roberta Walton from the perspective of 2000, remembering her first IT job as a quality-checker for Telligentsia, which she takes after a failed bid for an academic job in linguistics. . . . ”

    It felt al ittle like a mystery, and it was very readable. A neat window into code writing, and code testing.

  2. Kevin Matheny Post author

    I did. In fact, you send me your copy. It was an enjoyable read. Along the same lines is a book called Dreaming in Code, which is about the creation of Chandler, an ambitious effort to rethink email and calendaring. It’s not a novel, but it reads like one.


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