Foursquare: Neat idea, not-so-neat execution.

I think I like Foursquare, but it is possible (even likely) that I like the *idea* of Foursquare better than I like its current reality. I find its UI frustrating, because it’s hard to check in. There are two improvements that would make this easier for me.

– Give me a favorites list of places at which I can check in. Or at least filter the set of items in a location to put the ones at which I have checked in before at the top of the list. Every time I try to check in at Best Buy HQ, I have to search for it. I get that the GPS has trouble in the parking lot, but shouldn’t the app have some kind of history that would make this easier for me?

– Let me sort places by type – if I am in a location with a lot of stuff around, filtering down to just the restaurants or just the stores would make the list easier to read through.

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