Liveblogging my own podcast creation process.

There are things that I can do, and things I cannot do. There are also things that I can do and choose not to do.

Case in point: podcasting. I’d like to share my playlist; I like it and I think that some other people might like it as well. But the small-but-noticeable amount of work involved, combined with my laziness, is causing the project to be back-burnered before it even really gets on the flames.

On the other hand, to prove to myself that it is actually some amount of work instead of simple laziness, I’ve actually had to start doing it. So, here we go.

First,  I should note that iTunes badly needs (and will not get) a simple method of creating a podcast from a playlist. Wait, let me Google that phrase to see if someone has a solution. Nope. Darn.

So, the method is to use Audacity (yay FOSS!) to open all of the mp3 files so I can make a single mp3 for the podcast itself. This is kind of a pain in the ass, because all of the songs are in different folders. Tip: Don’t use the “Project > Import Audio” menu option, or even the CTRL-I. Instead, in iTunes, right-click the file and choose “Show in Windows Explorer” and then drag-and-drop the file into Audacity. Much easier, less clicking around in dialog boxes.

Okay, now I have the songs imported. Looks like the levels are different. I could figure out how to change levels at this point. Sigh. More googling. Fortunately, not hard.

Copy the louder tracks (well, hello VNV Nation, Insoc and Timo Maas, how lovely to see you here) to a track of their own. Run “Normalize” effect.

Download and install the Lame.enc dll. Google the location of the Lame.enc dll. Fail. Find it myself. Win!

Start saving my podcast file. Realize it’s time for me and Christina to play some games, so the actual podcasting part will need to wait for another day. But the hard part is done, and it turned out to not be so hard.

I can hear the Minnov8 Gang snickering. :)

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Kevin is a dad, a gamer, and a lifelong reader of SF, Fantasy and comic books. When he can tear himself away from alternate worlds, he works to make this one better by helping his clients get better at using Agile methods.

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    Yeah, probably. Would be good to find out for sure before unleashing my creation on the world…


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